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MAY 11, 2023, BRUSSELS

We find ourselves at a critical moment in time. It is hard to imagine a world without plastic. We know that plastic particles and additives make their way inside human bodies. How can we move forward with an interdisciplinary perspective that involves science, innovation, industry and public policy?

For the first time ever, the Plastic Health Summit will take place in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

Experts from around the world will present groundbreaking studies on how micro-and nanoplastics behave once they reach our lungs and brains we have inhaled or ingested them. In addition to the presented scientific studies, the Plastic Soup Foundation will highlight innovators actively working to prevent the health implications of plastic particles and additives. To wrap up day one, guests will hear a compelling conversation about what the upcoming Global Plastics Treaty could mean around the world, from local communities to regional partnerships.

During this Summit, we’ll focus on three different aspects of The Way Forward: Groundbreaking science; Innovation and solutions; The plastics treaty discussion.

Tickets sale will open soon, but you can already pre-register using the button below. We will email you as soon as the tickets are available to purchase.

Interested in joining as a speaker? This year, Plastic Soup Foundation has allocated six timeslots on the main stage of the Plastic Health Summit to present ground-breaking research or novel solutions on the topic of plastics and health. Click the button below to find out more information and send us your abstract.


A large part of the Summit focuses on cutting-edge research on human exposure to micro-and nanoplastics through the air we breathe and the sustenance we consume. Scientists will share their latest findings on, among other topics, cropproduction and food safety, combined pollutants, children’s exposure, food packaging, and air exposure to plastic fibers.
We won’t share a problem and let you go without introducing some viable solutions. Within each science-backed topic, we will turn toward innovations that may limit or even prevent our exposure to plastic particles and chemicals. How can we minimize microplastic fiber release into the air or water? Is it possible to have agriculture without agriplastics? How should we feel about reuse/refill economies? Is broader system change possible, or should we rely on solutions driven by private citizens and corporations?
In March 2022, the United Nations Environmental Assembly passed a resolution entitled “End plastic pollution: Towards an international legally binding instrument”. The international community has a few short years to create a treaty that will be not only effective, but also accessible to all. At the end of this summit, people who have been up-close and personal with the treaty process will give us an insight into what the treaty means for their communities.

On May 2nd, the Plastic Soup Foundation will already host a symposium for invited guests only. Representatives from environmentally ambitious companies, NGOs, and senior business leaders will join leading scientists and officials from the European Parliament to connect their brainpower to discuss science, policy, and innovation-oriented solutions. The results of this symposium will be presented during the Summit on May 11th.



Tickets for the event will go on sale soon. Check again later.

Tickets information will follow shortly. 

Visit the Call for abstracts page to submit your proposal. 

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